Sugar Monkey
We love to create delicious food, we love crazy flavor combinations and we love to watch people eat our yummy treats! We are super busy at the Farmers Market off College Road so we will be using this site as a placeholder until this winter when we get a functional ordering system and such in place. We honestly just do not have the time to implement them until then. In the mean time feel free to follow us on Facebook where we post our current flavors and updates on all things Sugar Monkey!

- Ice Pops -
We have 16 different flavors going at all times and love to make crazy flavor combo's!
- Drinks -
We make four drinks fresh every day and take pride in using the best fruits we can find in town!
- Marshmallows -
We make all of our marshmallows from scratch every day, they are corn and gluten free and we try our best to use no artificial colors or flavors!
- Deelicious Hot Schmoe's -
We make any flavor marshmallows you want, either gluten free or regular graham crackers from scratch and use the tastiest chocolate!
- Baking Extracts -
We have four variants of Vanilla (Hawaiian, Madagascar, Tahitian and Mexican), AK Raspberry, AK Blueberry, AK Strawberry, AK Grown Mint, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemon and Lime for all of your baking or drink making needs! These are made by us locally and with the highest quality ingredients available!
Come visit us at the Farmers Market on College Road
Wednesday 11AM to 4PM and Saturday 9AM to 4PM

Email us at
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